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  • Welcome to Real Grass Lawns support:

    We are your synthetic grass information headquarters. It is our goal to provide you with all the information you need in order to understand synthetic grass and how to install it yourself. We know you have options when it comes to purchasing turf and we appreciate that you have gone with our line.

    Product Support: 877-319-8343

    On the Fence About Buying synthetic grass?

    * Green grass year round.

    * No reseeding, weeds.

    * Low maintenance.

    * Saves water, money, time.

    * Looks great in all climates.

    * No pesticides, herbicides.

    * Will not fade, hold odors or stain.

    * Synthetic grass is currently being sold in every state within the United States.

    * Areas of heavy rain use turf to help keep mud from being tracked inside.

    * Dry areas use turf because it is too hard to keep live sod looking good.

    * Keeping sod looking good is very expensive and time consuming.

    * Many states fine people who have lawns and go over water ration quotas.

    * Areas with a lot of trees also use turf because you don't need sunlight to have it grow.

    * Cities have an increasing purchasing power because the customer is looking to put a small piece of turf on their balconies for pets or just for a little green.

    * Chlorine will destroy natural grass, so any yard with a pool is ideal for artificial turf.


    Many cities are offering rebates for installing synthetic grass!

    Contact your local water authority for availability!

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